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ArteEast (U.S.A.)

ArteEast is a nonprofit organization supporting artists from the Middle East, North Africa and their diasporas. Through activities including film screenings, exhibitions, educational programs, a virtual art gallery and magazine, a virtual literary forum, and much more, ArteEast aims to build understanding of the region’s arts and cultures as well as to encourage artistic excellence.

Metropolis Art Cinema (Lebanon)

Metropolis is Lebanon’s first art house movie theatre. Inaugurated in July 2006, it is currently housed in the Empire Sofil theater. Through a rich program and diverse events, Metropolis aims to ensure permanent and sustainable access to a large scale of independent films, from most recent to cult. Metropolis has recently begun distribution of independent films in Lebanon and the Arab world.

Furn El Chebak, Selim El Khoury Street, Rose Akiki Building, Ground Floor, Beirut, Lebanon
Tel/Fax: +9611293212
[email protected] | www.metropoliscinema.net

Cinémathèque de Tanger (Morocco)

The Cinémathèque de Tanger makes its permanent home in a restored landmark building, the 1938 Cinema Rif, atop Tangier’s historic Grand Socco plaza. One of North Africa’s rare permanent homes for first-run films, independent cinema and classic repertory programming, the CdT is more than a beautiful “art house” movie theater: it is a cinema cultural center, offering a dynamic year-round calendar of special events for children, students, women, and emerging filmmakers.

Cinema Rif Grand Socco 90000 Tangier, Morocco
Tel: + 212 (0)53993483 | Fax: +212 (0)39935450
[email protected] | www.cinemathequedetanger.com

Al-Balad Theatre (Jordan)

Al Balad Theatre is a multi-purpose artistic and community space established in a renovated 1940s cinema house in downtown Amman. The Theatre aims to promote young artists from Jordan and the region by presenting their works, providing rehearsal space and contributing to strengthening the cultural movement in Jordan.

P.O.Box 7990 Amman 11118, Jordan
Tel: +96264652005 | Fax: 96264652015
[email protected] | www.al-balad.org

DOXBOX (Syria)

Founded by independent filmmakers in 2007, DOX BOX is the first non-profit public documentary film festival in Syria, running annually in Damascus, Tartous and Homs and other Arab cities as part of a Pan-Arab Cultural Network. DOX BOX brings together Arab and international filmmakers and institutions – and the world’s best creative documentaries – with audiences across the region.

P.O.Box: 60353-Damascus, Syria | 8 El-Mosikar Aly Ismail, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt
Tel/Fax: + 963 11 313 7 391

[email protected] | www.dox-box.org

Semat (Egypt)

Established in 2001 to support independent cinema and encourage youth to create their own images, rhythms and thoughts on screen, SEMAT aims to empower and strengthen a new generation of filmmakers by supporting productions, facilitating screenings and publishing an independent cinema magazine.

Tel: +202 37614905 | Fax: +202 37614905
[email protected]

Chrysalide (Algeria)
Since its creation in 2000, Chrysalide has worked to support, promote and distribute artistic endeavor. Created and run by filmmakers and directors, Chrysalide helps them collaborate and find support for their work, and supports multidisciplinary research in the cinema, theater and plastic arts.

11 rue des frères Meslem, 16000 Alger, Algeria
Tel: +213 21 23 58 92 | Fax: (213) 21 23 58 92
[email protected]

ESAV: Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels (Morocco)

Founded in 2006, ESAV offers bachelor’s and master’s degree level courses for Moroccan and international students in directing, editing,image and sound. ESAV hopes to establish a re-birth to the Moroccan film industry, screening approximately 40 feature films a year by the year 2020.


ESAV Marrakesh BP n# 4006 Amerchich, Morocco
Tél : +212 (0) 80 200 2006

Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinémathèque (Palestine)

Located in the heart of Ramallah, Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque stands as the only professional fully equipped multipurpose venue in the entire Palestinian territories. Al-Kasaba’s multipurpose halls provide an ideal space of performance for Palestinian and international performing art troupes, from theatre to dance, from film screening to musical events, and conferences.


AL Kasaba Theatre and Cinemathèque Ramallah, Hospital Street, West Bank-Palestine
Tel: +972 2 2965292 | Fax: + 97 22 296 52 94
[email protected] | www.alkasaba.org

The Jesuit Cultural Center (Egypt)

The Jesuit Cultural Center is based in Alexandria, Cairo and Minia, Egypt. Initiated in 1999, the ciné-club runs every Saturday, seats 100, screens films from all over the world and claims 1000 members.

298 Port Said, Cleopatra, Alexandria, Egypt
Tel: +20106936148

CinemAfricArt (Tunisia)

In 2007, the movie theatre AFRICA re-opens with a new concept and a new name. Habib Belhadi, in partnership with Tunisian film-makers organize the new cinema, re-baptized “CinémAfricart.” The latter is run by the distribution company “Arts distributions” and continues to ensure a framework of distribution of art-house films in Tunisia.

Arts Distributions, Cinema AfricArt 50, Avenue Habib Bourguiba, Rue du Janvier, 1001 Tunis, Tunisia
Tel: +21671345682 | Fax: 21671345682
[email protected] | www.tunicine.net

Al Riwaq Art Space (Bahrain)

As a leading establishment in Bahrain’s art and cultural scene, Al Riwaq is a non-profit space supporting contemporary art practice and encouraging youths’ creativity. Since its founding in 1998, the gallery’s vision has been to promote creative and art value, providing the artsits and public with a platform to exchange ideas, provoke intellectual debate, promote, inspire and develop creative thinking and nurture cultural production. The gallery promotes its mission by nurturing a strong relationship between art and society through its programs. In order to encourage public awareness and appreciation of visual arts, Al Riwaq hosts local and international group exhibitions, workshops, talks and debates, film screenings, and meetings for the art communities and patrons.

P.O. Box 54622, 3 Osama Bin Zaid Avenue, Adliya, Bahrain
Tel: +973 17717441
[email protected] | www.alriwaqartspace.com


Cimatheque (Egypt)

Cimatheque is a multi-purpose space dedicated to celebrating film and supporting the needs of independent filmmakers in Egypt. Built in the context of Egypt’s emergent alternative cinema scene and a country in transition, it is conceived as a dynamic work space for indepenent filmmakers to collaborate, resesarch and network, while addressing essential needs: education, screening, and resources. Cimaqtheque will enable access to films rarely, if ever, shown in Egypt, featuring a rich variety of international films within a wider screening programme that gives essential exposure to Arab and Egyptian independent films.

Alongside this, Cimaqtheque will provide a year-round educational programme of workshops and courses, bringing together local and international filmmakers and industry professionals to exchange skills and experiences. Open to the public and filmmakers of all levels of experience, Cimatheque will be a hub for filmmakers and film lovers alike, working to build a strong platform for alternative cinema in Egypt.

19A Adly Street, Downtown Cairo, Egypt

Sudan Film Factory (Sudan)

The goal of the Sudan Fillm Factory of the Goethe-Institute Sudan is to engage with the thoughts and aspirations of the youth, giving them the space to express their hopes and dreams, as well as their frustrations, and how they perceive and experience their lives and diverse realities. Thus the Sudan Film Factory aims to build the capacities of young Sudanese talent, producing films “made in Sudan”, as well as providing Sudanese audiences with the opportunity to engage with filmmaking and cinema on a deeper level.

Through supporting the creation of Sudanese as well as regional and international networks, a cultural exchange fosters the exchange of ideas, opinions and aesthetics, but also disucsses and challenges each other’s values, transcending social, cultural, and geographical borders.

Sudan Film Factory’s Facebook page