Cast and Crew:

Cast: Richy Muller, Jale Arikan
Writer: Jens Teuschert-Majowski
Producer: Erhan Emre
Cinematographer: Tilman Büttner
Editor: Anja Neraal
Music: Enis Rotthoff

Filmmaker Bio:

Neco Celik was born in 1972 in Berlin-Kreuzberg to Turkish immigrants. In his youth, before going into film directing and teaching media, Celik belonged to a gang who called themselves "36er", corresponding to the postal address of Berlin 36 at the time. After making a fake documentary and two short films, he directed two feature films, Alltag and Urban Guerillas, both earning Celik international acclaim as Germany’s young and upcoming Spike Lee.

Festivals/ Awards:

  • Hofer Filmtage, Germany, 2004
  • Göteborg Filmfestival, Sweden, 2004