There Are So Many Things Still To Say… (Hunalika Ashiya’ Kathira Kana Yumken an Yatahadath ‘Anha al-Mare’…), by Omar Amiralay (Syria/France, 1997, 50 min, Color, DigiBeta PAL and DV-Cam NTSC)


A few months before the passing of his friend and close collaborator dramaturge Sa‘adallah Wannus, Amiralay listens to his friend's somber and relentless words, a farewell to a generation for whom the Arab-Israeli conflict has been the source of all disillusion.

Conception: Omar Amiralay
Directed by Omar Amiralay
Cinematography: Etienne de Grammont
Sound: Emile Sa‘adeh
Editing: Dominique Pâris
Production: La Sept/ARTE and Grains de Sable 1997

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Omar Amiralay